CPM Mechanics is such a powerful book. It assumes no prior knowledge of the Critical Path Method, or of formal Project Management or Project Time Management. It was written with each member of the Project Team squarely in mind.

  • Project Managers and Superintendents: Especially written for these Project Leaders, CPM Mechanics is presented in an easy-to-understand writing style, with a Crawl-Walk-Run approach to teaching.
  • Technocrats:¬†For all of the nerds who have a particular interest in the nuts and bolts of the Critical Path Method, CPM Mechanics provides more details and technical information than you will find in any other book on the subject.
  • Legal World: For Construction Attorneys and Claims Consultants, CPM Mechanics provides rational explanations for technical concepts that are found at the very center of time-related claims for delay or acceleration.
  • Executives: Owners, Construction Managers, Owner’s Representatives, and General Contractors should have a copy of CPM Mechanics in their corporate library, as a handy and reliable reference on the fundamentals of Project Time Management.
  • All Others: Aside from the above beneficiaries of CPM Mechanics, peruse the drop down list from the menu and see who else would benefit from this excellent book.