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Testimonials about Murray Woolf, Author of CPM Mechanics

“I have been banging around Construction Project Time Management for over 40 years now,” Murray says with characteristic modesty. He has worked on over 185 projects worldwide, with combined value estimated over $24 billion. Yet, when you ask him what he is most proud of, he will tell you: “After my children, I am most proud of the good work being done by ICS-Global to advance our collective understanding of Construction Project Time Management.

And his professional efforts, across a lifetime, have not been missed on his peers. Here are some of their reflections, beginning with admiration from none other than James J. O’Brien, considered by many to be the Father of Modern Project Scheduling:


Murray has a profound understanding of what we are all about, what we are trying to accomplish, what we are doing right, what we are doing wrong, where we seem to be headed, what course adjustments we need to make, and what re-engineering we need to impose upon ourselves as a discipline to get from the discouraging state we are in to the dynamic state to which all professional schedulers aspire.- James J. O’Brien, Author , “CPM in Construction Management”

Murray is the schedule intellectual of our generation and a leader in the movement to improve performance and professionalism in scheduling. Murray is wholeheartedly recommended to deal with the analysis and solution of complex schedule situations. – Paul Levin, Founder/Publisher, Construction Claims Monthly

I have known and worked with Murray for over seven years, including in 2004 when his expertise and determination lead the PMI College of Scheduling’s Scheduling Excellence Initiative (SEI). SEI’s influence has extended well beyond planning/scheduling application best practices and guidelines alone. It is still making significant contributions toward the future – with better planning/scheduling software, planning/scheduling training programs, and a “think tank” incubator for future planning/scheduling technologies and methodologies. Murray is a leader, an author, and an entrepreneur. A formidable advocate for scheduling expertise and good practices. I am proud to know him. – Mike Mosley, Committee Chair for Update Project , Project Management Institute; Program Manager, Zachry Nuclear, Inc.

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Murray in the PMI College of Scheduling on the Scheduling Excellence Initiative project writing Best Practices and Guidelines for Scheduling and Schedule Impact Analysis. Murray developed the original concept, provided direction for the full SEI program and guided a number of us in the planning of the projects. I was amazed at the depth and expanse of Murray’s knowledge and experience in scheduling and analysis, and where we are now in the SEI projects is based on his foundation.

Murray and I have become friends, mostly due to the respect that I have developed for him, and I highly recommend Murray as one of the most knowledgeable scheduling professionals in the industry. He has some advanced approaches to scheduling that few other schedulers have imagined, let alone put into practice. Murray’s dedication, coupled with his experience and knowledge, place him in a leadership role for the scheduling industry. – Chris Carson, Corporate Director of Project Controls, Alpha Corporation

Murray Woolf is the consummate scheduling professional. He has complete command of the planning and scheduling process, he is widely experienced in construction methodology and he has expert knowledge of software implementation. I felt completely comfortable handing an assignment to Murray and going on to other business knowing that he would more than deliver the services needed. – Phil Apprill, President, Apprill & Associates

Murray Woolf is one the most knowledgeable planning and scheduling people that I know. I would strongly endorse Murray to anyone looking for assistance in that field. – Glen Palmer, President, GR Palmer Consulting Services

Murray stands alone among all of the professional project managers and schedulers that I have worked with in my 20+ years in the industry. He’s an expert in the history of scheduling, scheduling best practices, and real world application of scheduling techniques, but more impressively, he is willing to question the current way of doing business, including his own methods, in order to further the industry and better satisfy customers.

I worked with Murray in the early days of the formation of a professional scheduling organization which was assembled in part to develop standards for scheduling. It was a difficult process, that of herding cats, in which we were going off in all directions and the ultimate deliverable was ambiguously defined at best. Murray provided tireless leadership, energy and passion to ultimately establish the group and a process for working as a group which ultimately got us on the path to the desired deliverables. Leadership, expertise, passion. If those are the attributes you’re looking for in a scheduling professional I can’t recommend Murray highly enough. – David Kaiser, President, Schedule Associates

Murray has led the ambitious program in the PMI College of Scheduling to catalogue and describe best practice scheduling. He is a thoughtful and complete scheduler and leader. His analyses of some of the problems encountered in an organization have been helpful in moving the projects forward. – Dr. David Hulett, President, Hulett & Associates

It is my pleasure to write this recommendation on behalf of my friend and colleague Murray Woolf. Murray is an expert in project scheduling and control. His ICS-Global is a new and pioneering project that is fulfilling a need with professionals. – Dr. Saleh Mubarak, Author, “Construction Project Scheduling and Control”

I worked with Murray at PMI College of Scheduling and the Scheduling Excellence Initiative where he provided in-depth knowledge of project controls principles and practices. I was fortunate enough to review a pre-published edition of his wonderful book, “Faster Construction Projects with CPM Scheduling.” I also used his book when teaching at the University of North Texas’ Construction Engineering program. Murray is someone who can be trusted and is a pleasure to work with. I sincerely hope I get another opportunity to work with him. – Ronny Warren, President, Project Management Solutions, Inc.