People Notice When You Do Good Things

ICS-Global has been around since 2006. Over the eight years since, we have accomplished many good things. And our colleagues and peers have taken notice!

On the following pages please allow us to modestly gloat.  We are so terribly proud of the constant flow of accolades — for our books, our coursework, and of course for our many creative innovations that promise to dramatically and positively change the fabric of Construction Project Time Management for decades to come. Here are some convenient links:

  • Testimonials about “CPM Mechanics”  – the Book and the Course (click here)
  • Testimonials about “Faster Construction Projects with CPM Scheduling” (click here)
  • Testimonials about Cognitive Project Management and its many innovative concepts (click here)
  • Testimonials about Author and ICS-Global Founder, Murray Woolf (click here)