When you are ready to take decisive action, this is the page where you will do so.

Actions You Can, and Should, Take

Given all that you have read, hopefully you agree that we have provided you with an incredibly unique learning opportunity that may never come your way again.

  • Value: On the pages of this website you have come to understand the value of CPM Mechanics, the book.
  • Opportunity: You recognize the tremendous learning opportunities being offered  through both the CPM Mechanics Symposium or the CPM Mechanics Course.
  • Choice: One of these choices is right for you: BUY the book; or ENROLL in the CPM Mechanics Symposium; or TAKE the CPM Mechanics Course.

Convenient Links to All Possible Actions

Here are convenient hyperlinks to help you “do the paperwork” needed to commence what may well be the most helpful academic undertaking of your Project Management career.

  • BUY the CPM Mechanics book
  • ENROLL for the CPM Mechanics Symposium
  • REGISTER for the CPM Mechanics Course
  • PAY the tuition for the CPM Mechanics Course
  • VISIT the Continuing Scheducation website
  • VISIT the Project Time Management website

Just In Case You are Still Confused

In the unlikely event that you are still confused as to how to go about becoming enrolled in either the CPM Mechanics Symposium or the CPM Mechanics Course, the following flow chart should clear things up.