Concept of Momentum Checkpoints (MCPs)

Another innovation of Momentum  Science is the concept of a Momentum Checkpoints (MCPs).  These temporal markers (timestones) act just  like distance markers (milestones), by helping to orient the Project Execution Team to where they are with respect to intermediate progress “checkpoints.”

Application of Momentum Checkpoints

In practice, Momentum  Management (see Volume 7) calls for the identification of three levels of MCPs,  labeled Level A, Level B, and Level C.

  • Level A MCPs: These are Owner-imposed  deadlines required by contract.  As such,  it is Level A MCPs that the Owner monitors closely throughout Project  Execution.
  • Level B MCPs: These are self-imposed by  the Contractor.  They reflect “need  dates” by which certain portions of Work Scope must be completed in order to insure (safeguard) Level A MCPs.
  • Level C MCPs: These are inserted during  Schedule Development by the Project Team, to act as pacing markers  (timestones), so as to insure achievement of Level B MCPs.