Project Time Management: Essential Desk Reference

ICS-Compendium Reference Series: Volume 9

Cover09The ICS-Compendium master design calls for this volume to contain the ICS-Dictionary, along with other reference materials. For instance:

  • There are plans to produce an ICS-Encyclopedia to discuss certain technical concepts in greater detail than the ICS-Dictionary might allow, and yet more succinctly than a full-blown White Paper.

  • We also intend to produce the ICS-Glossatree, a clever map that charts all of the definitions in the ICS-Dictionary, such that their inter-relationships are depicted graphically.

This volume is available to anyone in the world, free of charge, in PDF format. Simply go to the ICS-Store, navigate to the ICS-FreeSearch page, and download the ICS-Dictionary at no charge.

ICS-Dictionary Value to Construction Industry

The immense value of the ICS-Dictionary cannot be overstated. For the first time (to our knowledge) the Construction Industry has a single reference document that provides definitions for all relevant terms associated with Project Time Management.

  • Other Project Management authorities have provided glossaries, to be sure. But without exception they tend to be incomplete, with respect to Project Time Management.
  • And between authorities there is often disagreement and contradiction as to which terms to use, and as to what those terms should stand for.
  • Finally, the texts in which those glossaries appear tend to deal with aspects of Project Time Management, but never provide complete breadth and complete depth of the subjects.
    • Some span the entire Project Time Management spectrum (at least, from the Dominant Project Management perspective), but they stay at a fairly high level .. such as with standards, frameworks, ideologies, and an assortment of best or recommended practices.
    • Others get into the details of a particular Project Time Management process, but fail to discuss higher level concepts, ideology, or even cover all processes.

Inviting Authors to Use ICS-Dictionary Definitions

To the extent that individuals and organizations are willing to adopt it, the ICS-Dictionary constitutes a major break-through and improvement in the area of lexicon within the Construction Project Management world. If independent authors were to utilize the same set of terms and definitions, then their respective works would be more easily correlated with the works of others using the same terms and definitions.

ICS-Compendium Standardized Around ICS-Dictionary

Of course, the ICS-Compendium is inextricably linked to the terms and definitions of the ICS-Dictionary, since the ICS-Dictionary is contained within one of the volumes of the ICS-Compendium. What this means to readers of the ICS-Compendium is that no matter what they are studying within its ten volumes, all work product will use the same terms and adopt the same meanings.

There is nothing like the ICS-Compendium on the market today. While individual Project Management professional societies have produced very important, potent, and compelling works … all of them suffer the same deficiency of consistency across authorities.

And looking more closely, even across the work products of a single professional order, quite often the individual writings have been penned by different volunteer contributors, each using a different set of terms and definitions. In the end, even some of the papers from a single source contain inconsistencies and contradictions from one intellectual work to the next.