Project Time Management: Critical Thinking

ICS-Compendium Reference Series: Volume 10

Cover10Volume 10 of the ICS-Compendium contains a growing collection of ICS-White Papers, collectively intended to elevate the discussion about Project Time Management in the Construction Industry.

Scope of ICS-White Papers

The ICS-White Papers are not confined to Cognitive Project Management. Many of them speak to issues to be found as the core of Dominant Project Management, and its approach to Project Time Management.

ICS-White Papers Use ICS-Dictionary Definitions

And of course, all ICS-White Papers use the same terms and definitions as appear in the ICS-Dictionary. In addition, however, each ICS-White Papers contains its own glossary of key terms used in the paper.

How to Get the ICS-White Papers

Many ICS-White Papers are individually available for free, and can be downloaded at the ICS-Institute’s Continuing Scheducation website. Annually all existing White Papers will be abridged into Volume 10 and sold as a convenient and handsome hard cover volume.

Current List of ICS-White Papers

Currently, these ICS-White Papers are available for download:

  • WPA-KL-13: A CPM Schedule’s Three Relationship Categories
  • WPB-LA-11: How the WBS Can Break a Schedule
  • WPB-KI-13: How to Calculate Dates in the Critical Path Method
  • WPB-KJ-28: Introducing the Point-of-Day Perspectives
  • WPA-KK-14: When is the Critical Path Not the Most Critical Path?