Project Time Management: Essential Reference Series

Volumes 9 -10 of the ICS-Compendium

The final two volumes are containers for continually-evolving work product. Owners of any of the above ICS-Compendium volumes are automatically enrolled to receive notice of revisions to these final two volumes. The most salient features of the ICS-Compendium is that all volumes utilize the same terminology, as defined by the ICS-Dictionary

Project Time Management: Essential Desk Reference

ICS-Compendium, Volume 9 (Essential Reference Series, Volume 1) Learn More

The ICS-Compendium master design calls for this volume to contain the ICS-Dictionary, along with other reference materials. For instance, there are plans to produce an ICS-Encyclopedia to discuss certain technical concepts in greater detail than the ICS-Dictionary would allow, and yet more succinctly than a full-blown White Paper. We are also planning to produce the ICS-Glossatree, a clever map that charts all of the definitions in the ICS-Dictionary, such that their interrelationships are depicted graphically. This volume is available to anyone in the world, free of charge, in PDF format. To download your own copy, click here.

Project Time Management: Critical Thinking

ICS-Compendium, Volume 10 (Essential Reference Series, Volume 2) Learn More

The final volume of the ICS-Compendium is a growing collection of White Papers, collectively intended to elevate the discussion about Project Time Management in the Construction Industry. While most can be downloaded at no cost whatsoever, a few more elaborate ICS-White Papers are available at a modest charge. Annually all existing White Papers will be abridged into Volume 10 and sold as a PDF as a convenience to our followers.