Construction Planning and Scheduling

The Critical Path Method of Scheduling Project Execution Strategy

ICS-Compendium Dominant Series: Volume 3

Cover03Whereas Volume 2 of the ICS-Compendium provides detailed guidance as to how the Project Execution Team can get the most out of the Project Time Management effort … this book provides detailed instructions on how to build that same wealth of information into the Project Schedule.

Practical Operational Advice

Let us be clear that we are not talking about. We are not talking about fancy PERT charts or milestone charts, or how to make a Gantt chart. We are not talking about a cute project tracking template or some construction schedule template. We are not talking about some project scheduling or project planning PowerPoint presentation.

Instead, this volume is filled with detailed and  practical advice, tested and proven over decades of successful application. Here is some of what this volume covers:

  • Project planning process
  • Project resource planning
  • Construction project planning
  • Project planning techniques

Since 80% of all construction Project Schedules are created by Project Managers and Superintendents, this book is written with them specifically in mind.  Of course professional Planners and Schedulers at all levels of experience will also learn much from this book about project planning and scheduling, monitoring and control, and reporting.