Commenced in early 2007, the ICS-Compendium is a ten-year project with the goal of producing a ten-volume set of books that will have been crafted specifically for Construction Project Management in North America. Literary works take time, and the production schedule for this ten-volume set is expected to take years, with the last volume hitting bookshelves in December 2017.

The ICS-Compendium is divided into three distinct groups:

To learn more about each Series, and each volume, click the “Learn More” links above. But, for a better understanding of the philosophy and general characteristics of the ICS-Compendium overall, read the sections below.

How the ICS-Compendium Came About

The exciting and promising innovations of Cognitive Project Management and Momentum Management would remain theoretical if they were not written down and taught to others, and so the ICS-Compendium was initially intended to be a four-volume set of books that would explain Cognitive Project Management.

Yet before the ICS-Compendium Development Team had finished our first full week of conceptual discussions it became apparent that we were assuming that a sound, comprehensive, well-designed, and skillfully-developed Project Schedule would be in place. Yet, the collective experiences of Development Team members was that the vast majority of Project Schedules are not especially “sound, comprehensive, well-designed, and skillfully-developed.”

This led us to the thought of including (by reference) within the ICS-Compendium a few good texts (written by others) that would explain the fundamentals of Construction Project Time Management. However, upon carefully reviewing the substantial and broad spectrum of literature on Project Time Management, we discovered both individual and collective shortcomings.

Finally, we decided to take the bull by the horns and craft a completely thorough lexicon for Project Time Management. We were surprised to find how many texts failed to provide a glossary of even the most basic terms. Of course even when they did, there was no consistency in choice of terms or their meanings, across different authorities.

This is how ICS-Research came to decide that before starting to write any of the books within the Dominant Project Management Series or Cognitive Project Management Series, we would need to create two foundational references:

  • ICS-Dictionary: The ICS-Dictionary is a continuing piece of work, and with the writing of each additional volume of the ICS-Compendium, additional terms are added to the ICS-Dictionary. Volume Nine of the ICS-Compendium,” Project Time Management: Essential Desk Reference,” contains the infamous ICS-Dictionary, which is quickly becoming an international reference standard for Construction Project Time Management.

  • ICS-White Papers: This collection of white papers explains the underlying rationale pertaining to various Ecological,  Ideological, Methodological, and Technological Project Time Management topics, no matter which model one is talking about. Volume Ten of the ICS-Compendium, “Project Time Management: Critical Thinking,” is a container for a growing set of cross-referenced and integrated White Papers. [Note: All White Papers use the same terminology as defined in the ICS-Dictionary.

ICS-Compendium Overview

The overall ICS-Compendium approaches Project Time Management from the General Contractor’s perspective. It is intended to provide a comprehensive treatment of all that a contractor would need to know in order to practice effective Project Time Management.

  • Dominant Project Management Series: This set of books teaches how to achieve maximum results from application of the current Project Management model, as espoused by virtually all leading Project Management authorities. Learn More
  • Cognitive Project Management Series: These four volumes are for those who wish to “push the envelope,” and explore the latest innovations in Project Time Management, by adopting Momentum Management as a Project Time Management model. Learn More
  • Essential Reference Series: These two volumes contain general information that transcends any particular Project Time Management model. Learn More

Wanted: Development Partners and Silent Investors

The protracted development schedule reflected in the above table is a consequence of ICS-Global being a small organization with limited (mainly volunteer) resources. If you believe in what we are trying to accomplish and would be interested in investing financially in our good work, please contact us at With modest contributions from only a few key investors, we could cut in half our production time.