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Do you manage a team of construction project planners or schedulers? Does your company periodically have need to train its Project Managers and Superintendents on the core principles of the Critical Path Method?  If so, then this complimentary offer is perfect for you!

Sign up five people from your organization to take ICS-Institute’s online CPM Mechanics Course, and you will receive a personal voucher, good for free course tuition and book for you.

Recommend CPM Mechanics, the Book

Our ulterior motive should be obvious. We want your company to turn to ICS-Institute for all of your in-house scheduling training needs. That’s why we’re offering you the chance to take the CPM Mechanics Course yourself. Overflowing with practical and immediately applicable insights, you will want your entire team to take the same course.

Even if, at this time, your budget is not sufficient to enroll your people to our CPM Mechanics Course, you can still buy a copy of CPM Mechanics, the best-selling book on the fundamentals of the Critical Path Method, for each of your planners, schedulers, project managers, and superintendents. It was written by a 35-year construction scheduling veteran, who has provided Project Time Management services on over 185 projects worldwide. The book has over 225 color illustrations, and teaches all of the latest concepts and technologies.

Take the CPM Mechanics Course — At No Ultimate Cost to You*

The CPM Mechanics Course is the crème de la crème. Let’s face it: you can only get so much from reading a book. What the CPM Mechanics Course offers, up and above the book, is a rich exchange of ideas and practical advice from both the book’s author and from fellow students (who are, themselves, construction professionals).

As an enticement for you to recommend the CPM Mechanics Course to others, we are offering you the incredible opportunity to take the CPM Mechanics Course, at absolutely no final cost to you. This is a $1,500 value. The CPM Mechanics Course is an eighteen-unit, self-paced, online course that uses CPM Mechanics, the book, as its sole text. By taking this course you accomplish a number of things for yourself:

  • You discover, firsthand, just how great CPM Mechanics is.
  • You understand why you should require it for your classes (plus, you will then know what your students are studying!).
  • You will have access to hundreds and hundreds of questions, exercises, and discussion points.
  • You will have acquired the latest knowledge as to how the Critical Path Method really work, on real projects!

* We will reimburse 100% of the cost of your Course tuition and your book purchase. That is, once a minimum of five students enroll in the CPM Mechanics Course, we will issue to you a voucher, good for free course tuition and book.

* Details of Free Course/Book Offer

In exchange for sending us business, we will reward you with either the Free Course/Book Voucher or the Free Book Voucher. Here is how the Offer works:

  • Free Course/Book Voucher: Refer others within your organization to the CPM Mechanics Course. Once at least five of your referrals become students of the course, you will earn a Free Course/Book Voucher. There are several ways to redeem your Free Course/Book Voucher.
    • If you have already paid for either the Course Tuition or Book Purchase ,you will receive a 100% reimbursement of either, or both.
    • If you have not yet paid for either the Course Tuition or Book Purchase, simply use the Free Course/Book Voucher in lieu of payment for either the Course Tuition and/or the Book Purchase, or both.
  • Free Book Voucher: Introduce others within your organization to the CPM Mechanics book. Once at least ten of your referrals have purchased the book, we will issue you a Free Book Voucher. If you have already paid for your own book, you can redeem your Free Book Voucher to receive a 100% reimbursement of the amount you already paid for your book. If you are purchasing your book concurrent with, or after, your ten referrals pay for their Books, then you can use your Free Book Voucher as your payment for the book.

Enroll Today

For the time being, we are making the CPM Mechanics Course and book available to Scheduling and Project Controls Managers at no cost, in order to introduce the textbook and course to your company. This is a limited-time Course & Book Giveaway program. We hope you will take advantage of this offer … today!

To request your free CPM Mechanics Course and CPM Mechanics book, email us at:


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