Processes at Unit Level (for Credit and Certificate student)

You may be wondering what is entailed in taking this Course online. Just what is the step-by-step process for each Unit (there are 18 Units to complete)? The following should help you envision the typical process:

  • Step 1: Log in to the ICS-eCademy Study Center
  • Step 2: Review the Unit’s Lesson Packet
    • Determine reading requirements (may include Book Passage, White Papers, and/or Blog Articles)
    • Determine any exercises to be performed
    • Determine the quizzes to be taken
  • Step 3: Perform Required Reading Assignments
  • Step 4: Complete Required Projects
  • Step 5: Perform Required Exercises
  • Step 6: Take Lesson-level Quiz

Processes at Course Level (for Credit students only)

  • Step 1: Perform above Processes for each Unit
  • Step 2: Pass Mid-Term Exam and Final Exam
  • Step 3: Complete Final Project from following List:
    • Create/Status 100-activity Schedule
    • Critique and “correct” someone else’s 150-activity Schedule