Getting set up to take the CPM Mechanics Course (for credit or certificate) is not as difficult as it may seem, given that there are several different venues from which you will be working on a regular basis. Mainly you will be working within the ICS-eCademy Study Center (hosted by Moodle). But you will also be expected to read blogs from two different blog sites as well as post comments to a public discussion group on LinkedIn Study (called “CPM Mechanics Public Symposium“). In order to move easily between the three sites, we recommend you bookmark them in your Internet browser.

To set up for this online Course, perform the following one-time steps:

  • ACQUIRE BOOK: Acquire a copy of book. The book can be obtained at the ICS-Store.
  • JOIN LINKEDIN: Join LinkedIn. Membership is free. Just provide a Username and Password. Complete the Profile (optional) for maximum advantage to you professionally.
  • JOIN ICS-GLOBAL: Join ICS-Global Group on LinkedIn. Membership in this Group is necessary, because the CPM Mechanics Symposium is a subgroup of this Group.
  • JOIN ANY SYMPOSIUM: Join any CPM Mechanics Symposium on LinkedIn (the public venue, or a private venue exclusive to your company). Membership requires approval by ICS-Global. Be sure to bookmark this page.
  • PAY FOR COURSE: Pay Course tuition. Go to ICS-Store, navigate to Course Products page, pay for Course tuition on checkout page, and receive email with ICS-eCademy Log-In information (Username and Password).
  • ENROLL AT ICS-ECADEMY: Enroll at ICS-eCademy. Complete the Application Form and submit via fax or email (PDF). As the final step in our processing of your application, we will assign you a Username and temporary Password. You may change the password, once you log in to the ICS-eCademy.
  • LOG INTO ICS-ECADEMY: Log in to the ICS-eCademy for first time using the Username and Password we gave you. Complete your profile. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with how ICS-eCademy is organized; where the CPM Mechanics Course is located. Note ICS-eCademy uses Moodle platform. If needed, read Moodle Docs. Be sure to bookmark the ICS-eCademy log-in page.
  • GO TO CONTINUING SCHEDUCATION: Go to the Continuing Scheducation website, and register for notifications. Be sure to bookmark the website, as this is one of the blog sites you will frequent.
  • GO TO “OUTSIDE THE BOX”: Go to the Outside the Box blog site, and register for notifications. Be sure to bookmark the website, as this is the other blog site you will frequent.
  • TAKE ENTRANCE QUIZ: Before starting the Course, be sure to take the Entrance Test, to see what your current level of understanding is. You will take this same test at the end of the Course to see how much you learned.