Course Overview

The CPM Mechanics Course offered by the ICS-Institute is without doubt the most comprehensive, thorough, understandable, and immediately-useful program of study ever presented about the Critical Path Method. The CPM Mechanics Course is an eighteen-unit, online, self-paced course of study designed for anyone who wants to know how the Critical Path Method really works at its functional core.

Earn Professional Development Unit (PDU) Credits

The CPM Mechanics Course will earn you noticeable recognition by employers, peers, and the Project Management community. Specifically, upon successful completion of the CPM Mechanics Course, you will:

  • You will receive a Certificate of Completion document from CS-Institute for Construction Project Time Management Studies,and signed by the course Instructor.
  • You will qualify for either 20 or 40 Professional Development Units (PDUs), depending on the Activity Level at which you take the course.

For more information about earning Professional Development Units, click here.

Who Should Take the CPM Mechanics Course?

There is little doubt in our minds that the CPM Mechanics Course will dramatically improve the professional performance of the following key members of the Project Team: Project Managers, General Superintendents, Project Owners, Construction Managers, Owner’s Representatives, General Contractors, Architects, Engineers, Claims Consultants, Construction Lawyers, Educators, Trainers, Educators, Planner, Schedulers, and other Project Controls personnel.

But of all of these players, more than any others it was the Project Manager and General Superintendent that the author had most directly in mind when he wrote CPM Mechanics, for these are the folks who actually run the project. In the final analysis, the Project Schedule is a Project Execution Strategy and, as such, is the central tool of Project Management.

About The ICS-eCademy

The ICS-Institute of Construction Scheduling Studies operates an online Learning Center called the ICS-eCademy, where students and instructors interact in a members-only environment. The ICS-eCademy is powered by Moodle, a world-class online course management system. For the most part, the CPM Mechanics Course is administered at the ICS-eCademy Learning Center. Students taking any ICS-Institute courses are given a username and password, which grants them full access to the portions of the ICS-eCademy pertaining to their educational pursuits.

The CPM Mechanics Course Not for the Faint of Heart

The CPM Mechanics Course is taken for credit. So if you do not have the time or commitment required to earn that credit, then we suggest that you postpone the Course at another time when you do. To understand the performance requirements needed to earn formal credits through the CPM Mechanics Course, click here.

What Does the CPM Mechanics Course Cost?

The official list price for the CPM Mechanics Course is $1,500. That said, as a short-term promotional offer, tuition for the CPM Mechanics Course is only $500. To pay the tuition, go to the ICS-Store.

For those who want to get started immediately, but do not have the entire $500 to plop down, we offer to convenient installment plans, although each carries a modest surcharge.

  • Two-Payment Tuition Payment Plan: Under this plan, you pay $300 for the first half of the course. Once you complete the Mid-Term Exam and are ready to proceed to the second half of the course, you pay the other $300. Total tuition cost for the course: $600
  • Per-Study Unit Tuition Payment Plan: Under this plan, you pay $40 in advance of each of the eighteen Study Units. This is a pay as you go program. While this is the most expensive tuition option, it still represents a great bargain — even at $720. Just Google on the terms  “project management training” and you will see that the going rate for online training is somewhere around $100-150 an hour, and often much higher. Considering that the CPM Mechanics Course qualifies passing students for forty (40) Professional Development Units (PDUs), this course should by all means cost between $4,000-6000. Clearly, even a $720 price tag for this course is an exceptional value.

You Will Need to Purchase the CPM Mechanics Book, Too

Tuition for the CPM Mechanics Course does not cover the cost of the underlying text, CPM Mechanics. There are two versions of the book: hard cover or digital. The digital version can only be acquired at the ICS-Store. The hard cover version is sold by many popular online retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. However, the physical version is least expensive at the ICS-Store. The suggested retail price of the book is $180. Go to the ICS-Store.

  • Hard Cover Version: Purchase the hard cover version at the ICS-Store for just $150.
  • Digital Version: Purchase the digital version at the ICS-Store for only $75.