CPM Mechanics is quite possibly the most comprehensive, detailed, practical, and easy-to-understand book ever written on the underlying fundamentals of Critical Path Method. Of all the CPM books on the shelves, CPM Mechanics is the most exhaustive treatment ever written about the inner-workings of the Critical Path Method! To prove our point:

Distinguish between (a) how the Critical Path Method works in theory and (b) how CPM is applied in practice to the design, development, maintenance, and usage of Project Schedules. Virtually all scheduling textbooks attempt to discuss both of these broad topics between the covers of  one single volume.

  • Some even include additional discussion about forensic claims analyses, risk management, Earned Value analysis, and so forth.
  • Almost without exception, the discussion of the underlying mechanics of the Critical Path Method is limited to an opening two or three chapters, at most.

Book Attributes

Contrast this superficial coverage … with what CPM Mechanics has to offer:

  • 500 pages
  • 225 color illustrations
  • 400-item Dictionary
  • 450-line Index
  • Comprehensive List of Figures
  • Conversational Writing Style
  • Crawl-Walk-Run approach to teaching
  • Plus five ICS-White Papers and the ICS-Dictionary, free with book purchase!
  • Join the CPM Mechanics Symposium for an enhanced education, for free!