CPM Mechanics is necessary reading for anyone who works with CPM-based Project Schedules and needs to understand how CPM works “under the hood.”

  • Surely those who produce a CPM-based schedule need to know how CPM works at the root level.
  • But even those who consume the information derived from the CPM-based schedule must understand its underlying  terms,  concepts, and techniques.

Obvious beneficiaries of what CPM Mechanics has to offer include Owners, General Contractors, Construction Managers, Owner’s Representatives, Architects, Engineers, Consultants, Project Managers, Superintendents, Lawyers, Expert Witnesses, Professors, Instructors, Trainers, Students … and Project Controls and Project Time Management practitioners (from novice to seasoned veteran).

To better appreciate how CPM Mechanics can help each of the above professionals perform his or her work, click here.