FACE DiamondProject Management boils down to Coordination, Collaboration, Cooperation, and Communication. All four of these objectives require the free and timely flow of credible and relevant information. Cognitive Project Management believes that there is much more to Construction Project Time Management than simply planning and scheduling the project.

Recapping the Domains and their Meanings

  • Project Facilitation: The domain where critical information, the very lifeblood of the project, is  closely managed and communicated.
  • Project Administration: The domain that enables the project by providing Project Execution with the resources it needs to get the job done!
  • Project Coordination The domain that smoothly blends the project’s goals, interests, priorities, and methods. This is the most recognized role of the Project Manager, to act as a liaison and informational conduit between and among the project participants.
  • Project Execution The domain where the rubber meets the road; where the project is built.


FaceDiamondwith Org C-largeHow Project Execution is Typically Organized

As the diagram to the left clearly illustrates, Project Execution has its own unique organizational structure, much different than the organizational structures required by the other three F.A.C.E. Diamond Domains. The Project Execution Manager, what we call the Project Executor, is most commonly referred to as a Construction Superintendent or Field Superintendent. You may know him or her as the Site Construction Manager