Concept of Paths and Path Segments

Momentum Science has  identified two new components within the Critical Path Method Schedule, that  have always been there … just never defined: Activity Path and Activity Path  Segment.

Under Dominant  Project Management, there is only the Activity (at one end of the spectrum) and  the overall Schedule (at the other end of the spectrum).  There is nothing in between.  Even the infamous “Critical Path” is only  defined as a set of activities leading from Project (Schedule) Start to Project  (Schedule) Finish. We have not found one  Dominant Project Management book that actually defined the word, “path.”

By comparison,  Momentum Management provides a clear definition of what constitutes an Activity  Path. In fact, it goes further … by defining Path Ends, Path Start, and Path  Finish (including the conditions necessary to qualify as each). It further  clarifies the overlapping nature of Activity Paths, resulting in individual activities actually residing on multiple Activity Paths at the same time.

Finally, it  defines a new term, Activity Path Segment, to help us isolate a subset of  activities along a single Activity Path that have no intervening or interfering  connections, except between the activities one to another, in serial order..

Application of Path and Path Segment Designations

With the establishment of  these intermediate Work Scope Containers, for the first time work performance  can be planned, executed, monitored, and analyzed with greater granularity that  the Overall Project, but without getting into the minutia of  activity-by-activity comparisons (as is now the common practice under Dominant  Project Management).  Said bluntly,  Activity Paths and Path Segments allow us to still be able to spot the forest  from the trees.