Understanding how the Critical Path Method works at its core is essential to successful Construction Project Management, the central engine of which is the Project Schedule, the mutually agreed-upon Project Execution Strategy for the Project Team. It is created, communicated, and implemented (as a key Project Management tool) using the Critical Path Method.

As we all know, successful projects don’t “just happen. Success results when Project Management skillfully and meticulously micromanages every little detail, leaving nothing to chance. Arguably, of the numerous areas of expertise comprising a Project Manager’s daily attention, no one is more important to a Project’s ultimate success than Project Time Management.

The functional core of Project Time Management is the art and science of Project Planning & Scheduling which, when performed very well, consistently yields highly profitable and praise-worthy Projects. The role of a network-based Project Schedule is to formulate, optimize, communicate, and guide a coherent Project Execution Strategy. After 50 years of trial and error have determined that the Critical Path Method (CPM) is the best choice among all available technologies to depict and communicate a Project Execution Strategy. Conclusion: you need to know as much as you can about the mechanics of the Critical Path Method. You need to master CPM Mechanics!

Mastering CPM Mechanics: Easier and More Affordable Than Ever

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Learning Option #1, READ

If you just want the raw information at the least cost, then buy the book. CPM Mechanics is the highly-acclaimed book about the raw fundamentals of the Critical Path Method written just for the Construction Industry. Project Managers and Superintendents rave about the 225 color illustrations, extensive Index and Table of Contents, and easy-to-understand ‘crawl-walk-run’ conversational writing style. No wonder this is the fastest-selling book on the Critical Path Method. Learn more

Learning Option #2, DISCUSS

Learn from your co-workers. Participate in an exclusive online “book club,” where CPM Mechanics is the only book, and the only others in the club are fellow company employees and the book’s author!  So, why go it alone? If you’re going to read the book anyone, why not sign up your company for its own CPM Mechanics Symposium on LinkedIn. There, with the confidentiality of a closed-session discussion group, after digesting a selected book passage, read what coworkers at your company have to say about the same selection. In turn, leave your own comments for others to discover. Best of all, it is free! Learn more

Learning Option #3, STUDY

If you want even greater knowledge, plus recognition for your study effort (credit or certificate), then take the CPM Mechanics Course. This is an eighteen-unit, online, self-paced academic offering. Start or complete the course according to your schedule. Begin any time and take as long as you need to. The instructor is the actual author of the underlying textbook, CPM Mechanics.Learn more

What Are You Waiting For?

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